Dragonknights: On The Verge

Session 1

  • The group meets before the jubilee.
  • Met with the Queen’s advisors: Jarred Fullblack, Aryn Cloakwarg, and Autumn Millner. Each provided a magical scroll case that allows for long distance communication.
  • Aryn challenged the group to several rounds of gladiatorial combat in the prisons beneath the castle.
  • Jarred insinuated that the E. G. Bowery Academy of the Arcane is responsible for the spread of Dracos’ influence.
  • Met with Queen Sophia Talmadge, who explained our quest: to gather the signatures of each of the Queen’s vassals. The Queen then summoned aspects of the saints and we were allowed to choose a patron.
  • Cyex, Issrisy, Melkor, Teneber, Sardos, Kitosa, Lomir, and Shoennsham chose to appear, Aeril, Gars, Yhoram, and Joraqui did not. Moulin appeared but immediately lost interest and disappeared.
  • The group chose Teneber as a patron and the remaining saints departed.
  • Rifts begin to appear in the air and the ground shakes, demons pour from the tears in reality.



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