Dragonknights: On The Verge

Session 2

  • The group runs through the halls of The Queen’s pocket plane, killing lesser demons that flood in from the growing rifts.
  • Near the exit to the plane, we see scrying portals to Royal Pines and Emudy.
  • Difficult encounter with a large bearded devil. Tok, who was captured during the flight from the summoning chamber, is saved before he is sacrificed.
  • The group decides to hire a ship headed upriver to Whittle’s Bluff. The Rosebud, captained by Farsil, agrees to sail on the eve of the jubilee for some extra coin.
  • The Rosebud stops at the village of Blackford to resupply, nearly to Halfmeet. The village smells like a tannery and rumors indicate there might be wererats here.
  • The group investigates the claims that disease is rampant in the town and learn it only afflicts travelers.
  • The Earl Jenks of Blackford is aware but does nothing, the group chooses not to engage him.
  • After some confusion, Travis the half-elf trader and his caravan, also headed to Halfmeet, also take passage on the Rosebud.
  • A week later, the group arrives in Halfmeet.



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