Dragonknights: On The Verge

Session 3

  • Attacked by a wizard controlling necromantic plants, near the Brollwoods, an autonomous elvish land. Natulcien is the king of the Brollwoods.
  • Visited Arjhan’s old friend, a wizard named Neilsen.
  • Aardmige (Viriend’s father) and Kyle the Brazen are at Neilsen’s shop. Other wizards fled with teleport spells as the group entered. * It’s revealed by the wizards that a shadow dragon now lives in the forest.
  • At the same time, an ‘unaffiliated’ cult of shadow wizards is actively recruiting in the Halfmeet.
  • The group continues north along the river to Whittle’s Bluff.
  • The group meets Jinks. We think he is being pressed by members of a thief’s guild for protection money for the Speckled Pig, his establishment.
  • The group intimidates the thieves and combat ensues; the last two thieves surrender after a brief slaughter of their comrades.
  • The thief’s guild is called the Broken Tide.
  • Duke Vernon Talmadge, Ianril’s uncle, rules over Whittle’s Bluff.
  • Got the map from Jinks leading to Ripper. It leads to a ruined temple in the trollmoors.
  • Aryngrym, leader of the Broken Tide, sends us a message through Ralph. We meet with Aryngrym the following morning; he wants the sword Ripper in exchange for payment.
  • Stephan and Antoni are Vernon’s sons, both sorcerers.
  • Antoni created the Silver Foxes.
  • Antoni is searching for information about Wesroth’s expeditions and believes that silver dragons may be the reason, not testing Mabel’s defenses.



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