Dragonknights: On The Verge

Session 5


  • After the siege of Highvale is lifted, the group rested and decided to head to the occupied mines.
  • The group assaults the mine entrance under the cover of magical fog and a battering ram. Once through the gate, goblins and kobolds are slaughtered.
  • The group pushes deeper into the mines, past goblin dogs and more goblins.
  • We find a mine cart. Kobolds and goblins spring a trap from behind cover, but we drive the cart through their lines.
  • The cart explodes through a barricade, loses speed as it enters a chamber full of flying snakes and goblins. The snakes are poisonous.
  • The cart pivots on a rail turntable as we fight off the snakes and goblins. Everyone piles in as the track crosses a deep chasm.
  • At the end of the chasm an ogre and goblin henchmen block the track. We veer the cart on to a new track and drop the ogre with focused fire. A few goblins desperately cling to life, but are crunched beneath the cart’s wheels.
  • The cart enters a chamber where goblins and drow discuss business. The drow believe they are betrayed and the group convinces them of the goblins duplicity. The lead drow incinerates the goblins with a spell before teleporting away, leaving his guards behind.
  • The remaining dark elves, a spell caster and a quick warrior, fight like devils. The pair press us hard, leaving Jaspar and Ianril bloody, but are outnumbered and fall.
  • We free the captive villagers and return to Highvale, rewarded only with their gratitude after the drow’s impressive array of magical items disintegrates in the morning sunlight.



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