Harold Hillander

Harold Hillander is patriarch of the powerful Hillander Trading House


Harold Hillander, “Harry” to his trusted friends, is patriarch of the Hillander Trading House. Deeply engrained in the high society realm of Scalar, Hillander’s trading organization has worldwide reach. Harry is a major donor to the Church of Aeril, it is widely suspected that the Church has exerted influence to ensure Hillander’s Trading House’s success.

Recently, Hillander hosted an extremely opulent wedding at the Queen’s Court for his eldest and most beloved daughter, Elanor. Hillander hired a menagerie of exotic animals, under the direction of noted animal master Sven. The performance started out perfectly: Northport seals barking and juggling kittens, Brollwood wolves forming a wolf pyramid atop Isildian elk — the usual fare. But then the Hillander presented his daughter Elanor with a wedding present — a rare domesticated mountain lion from Wesroth. The cat, slyly set free to be shown off by Henry Hillander, dashed for a small pen containing Ightoughawn rabbits. Before Sven knew it he was racing for the cat, calling it away — and then Sven awoke, all the gathered nobility and watchers wide-eyed and yelling confusing things about a bear. What bear, Sven tried to say through a mouthful of cat flesh and blood. The event, which included an effort by Harold Hillander to have Sven executed as a wizard, has been immortalized in a ribald song written by Vivriend, “Puss for Dinner,” whose popularity has turned Sven into an accidental celebrity in the Queen’s Court. The entire incident has earned the enmity of the Church of Aeril and the Hillander Trading House for both Vivriend and Sven.


Harold Hillander

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