Jarred Fullblack

Jarred Fullblack is a well known wizard killing church inquisitor, now arch-bishop of Scalar


Arch-bishop Fullblack has a truly intimidating demeanor, demanding attention from all in a room. Fullblack was appointed to the position of Arch-Bishop of Scalar after service to the Church of Aeril in Kereneth as an Inquisitor. There he had a reputation of being a brutal instrument of the church in removing anti-noble revolutionaries from power. He is renown for the Greatsword that he carries called Witchbane, Fullblack’s name alone is enough to send many a wizard into hiding.

His new position in Scalar is Church of Ishtar appointed (and mandatory) adviser to the Stephan Talmadge. This appointment is seen to many Court observers as a rebuke of Queen Sophia Talmadge’s open attitude towards wizards.

Jarred Fullblack

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