Queen Sophia Talmadge

Sophia is the Queen of Isildia



Queen Sophia is aged 68, but thanks to her noble heritage appears to be in her 30’s. Queen Sophia is renowned world wide for being the most powerful sorcerer in the world and her steadfast support of arts and culture. Under her leadership and patronage Scalar has become a haven for the worlds most talented writers, authors, philosophers and artists. Through her direct donations, and through political machinations, the city has some of the greatest concert halls, museums and colleges in the world. The Queen has never married, although she has three children. Amongst the royal court a favorite activity is gossiping about gentlemen callers. The Queen is beautiful, powerful and rich – and has no intention of taking a husband.

Game begins with the 50th anniversary of Queen Sophia’s rule. She has called for heroes from all over the kingdom to come to Scalar, to embark on an epic quest to remind Isildia of past glory, and reunite the kingdom.


Queen Sophia Talmadge

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