Vernon Talmadge

Duke Vernon is Duke of Mabel, and brother to Queen Sophia


Duke Vernon of Mabel is the Queen’s younger brother, described as just and peaceful by his supporters and unambitious and lazy by his critics. The majority of residents enjoy the hands off style of rule by Duchy officials, as well as the very low taxes. However, this hands off approach, coupled with the chaos in bordering Kereneth has allowed for brigands, highwaymen and worse to swarm the borderland, making travel treacherous.

During the last dragonwar, Duke Vernon went on his “becoming” and was kidnapped by a demon, held hostage in the abyss. Thought dead for a piece, eventually Duke Vernon was rescued and returned home. Although fair and kindly, he doesn’t have the drive to lead, preferring to follow — a trait some attribute to his experiences in the abyss. Duke Vernon is married to Duchess Maribell, one of Queen Sophia Talmadge’s childhood friends.

Duke Vernon is considered a master swordsman, and it is considered a great honor to be trained by him.


Vernon Talmadge

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