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  • Royal Pines

    Royal Pines


    Technically the city of Royal Pines is an autonomous region from the Duchy of Royal Pines, but the young and ambitious Duke of Royal Pines choses to govern both. The city itself is split into quarters, with the …

  • Scalar


    Scalar is the pre-eminent city of the 13 nations, and the cultural capitol of the Humanoid realms. While some cities can rival its economic output – such as Royal Pines, and the spiritual center of the world lies far to the South, Scalar …

  • Whittle's Bluff

    Whittle's Bluff

    Whittle’s Bluff is the former capitol of [[Isildia | Islidia]], and a major commercial center of the nation. Wagon caravans from all corners converge upon Whittle’s Bluff before traveling southward towards Scalar along the …

  • Lakeshore


    The City of Lakeshore is a growing port city, found along the western bank of the [[River Mabel | River Mabel]] as it flows from [[Lake Emudy | Lake Emudy]]. Home of the [[Royal Navy | Royal Navy]]’s base on Lake Emudy, it is …