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  • Royal Pines

    Royal Pines


    Technically the city of Royal Pines is an autonomous region from the Duchy of Royal Pines, but the young and ambitious Duke of Royal Pines choses to govern both. The city itself is split into quarters, with the …

  • Scalar


    Scalar is the pre-eminent city of the 13 nations, and the cultural capitol of the Humanoid realms. While some cities can rival its economic output – such as Royal Pines, and the spiritual center of the world lies far to the South, Scalar …

  • Halfling Hills

    Halfling Hills

    It is often said that everyone knows someone from the Halfling Hills. From the lone peddler who visits remote villages annually, to a convoy of caravans off to the docks in [[Scalar | Scalar]], the sight of a Halfling with goods …

  • Kereneth


    Kereneth collapsed into chaos four years ago. A virulent plague struck the nation, followed by a revolt by the nobility of the land, which had been cast off as rulers by the people of Kereneth. Today bored nobles seeking to prove …

  • blightlands

    The Chuch of [[Aeril | Aeril]] and [[Gars | Gars]] have been very active in the blightlands proselytizing, where alignment with Royal Pines runs about as hot as alignment against dragons as a whole.

  • Dragonwall

    A mountain range that, in the past, mystically bound [[Dragons | dragons]] onto its far side as erected by [[Ishtar | Ishtar]] and the [[Saints | Saints]].

  • Birthright Frontier

    h3. Geography of the Birthright Frontier p. The birthright frontier represents many things to many people, but in short it represents the endless possibilities in the post-draconic, golden age. Dwarves speak of veins of gold, silver and mithril in …

  • River Kingdoms

    h3. Overview p. To the south of the [[Birthright Frontier | Birthright Frontier]] lie the River Kingdoms. The River Kingdoms are a chaotic group of fiercely independent city-states along the Urtur River. The Urtur River connects the civilized world …

  • Academy

    Arcane Academy of Bowery

    Formerly known as the "Arcane College" as established by E.G. Bowery, the Arcane Academy of Bowery has become a political, economic, and magical stronghold in [[Isildia | Isildia]].

  • Suckling Fig

    An inn of good repute in [[Royal Pines | Royal Pines]] that is the headquarters of [[The Bronze Dragonflight | The Bronze Dragonflight]].

  • Emudy


    Emudy is [[Isildia | Isildia]]’s greatest friend and ally. Teetering on the edge of destruction during the last dragonwar, the [[Champions | Champions of …

  • Brollwoods


    The Brollwood refers to both a place and a people; the Brollwood Forest is a great expanse of ancient oak and pine trees extending over [[Isildia | Isilidia]] and Aldeon, and the Brollwood Elves refer to the woods’ sylvan inhabitants. …

  • Duchy of Royal Pines

    Duchy of Royal Pines

    Royal Pines represents both the hope, and the great fears of the Ishtarian people; situated only miles east of the [[Dragonwall | Dragonwall]] the city’s growth and prosperity sits within view of the lands of the [[Dragons …

  • Duchy of Wick

    Duchy of Wick

    With the exception of New Wickport, the Duchy of Wick consists of rolling farmland, sleepy river towns and a sparsely populated lakefront. Carved from the (least desirable parts of the) surrounding three duchies as a present to …

  • Duchy of Buckler Isles

    Duchy of Buckler Isles

    Visitors to Buckler Isle are often perplexed by the odd amalgamation of pearl diving Halflings, crusty pirates of [[Buckleton | Buckleton]], salty crabbers and fisherfolk of small coastal cities, and the eccentric Gnomes …

  • Duchy of Wesroth

    Duchy of Wesroth

    Colloquially known as “the highlands,” Wesroth is a hardscrabble, rugged region of the north and eastern [[Isildia | Isildia]]. Residents faced with difficult terrain and climate, and subjugated by its leaders, are famed for …

  • Duchy of Mabel

    Duchy of Mabel

    Mabel represents the historical heart of [[Isildia | Isilidia]]. Long ago, during more dangerous times, [[Whittle's Bluff | Whittle’s Bluff]] was the capitol of the nation, with coastal and western locations considered the …

  • Whittle's Bluff

    Whittle's Bluff

    Whittle’s Bluff is the former capitol of [[Isildia | Islidia]], and a major commercial center of the nation. Wagon caravans from all corners converge upon Whittle’s Bluff before traveling southward towards Scalar along the …

  • Lakeshore


    The City of Lakeshore is a growing port city, found along the western bank of the [[River Mabel | River Mabel]] as it flows from [[Lake Emudy | Lake Emudy]]. Home of the [[Royal Navy | Royal Navy]]’s base on Lake Emudy, it is …

  • Western Cooperative

    The Western Cooperative

    The first charter issued by the first King of Isildia granted the lands of the Dragonmount west of the [[Great Western River | Great Western River]] to the Dwarves. Since then the Western Cooperative has been the …

  • Aldean


    Aldean borders Isildia to the East, it is a land of horse riders and fishing villages. Hundreds of years ago Aldean and [[Isildia | Isildia]] fought a war, but have had good relations since. The stretch of land in Aldean nearest to [[ …

  • Bremen


    Bremen is a boreal, rocky country, dependent upon the sea for its survival. A pious and determined people, Bremen is not protected by the [[Dragonwall | Dragonwall]] and has from time to time dealt with waves of artic [[Dragonborn | …

  • Braewood

    The Braewood is a deciduous forest located in the rolling hills south of the [[Halfling Hills | Halfling Hills]] along the Isildia-[[Kereneth | Kerenth]] border. The Braewoods lie east of the Great Western River, where the Curlisbrooke drains a series of …