Renowned as the finest ranger to ever prowl the land, Aeril is the founder of the Dragonknights and responsible for the single most powerful and active faith in all of the Church of Ishtar. Aeril commands his clerics to be ever vigilant against the threat Dragons and Dragonborn pose. During times of active war Cleric can be found leading units of Dragonknights and leading inquisitions against suspected Dragonsworn and spies. In times of peace Clerics of Aeril can be found enforcing the laws of the church and supporting the administrations of the noble descendants of the Saints as well as raising support for Draongknights and other actions to keep humanoids vigilant against the future threat of Dragons. Followers of Aeril include Paladins, Dragonknights, Ranger, Sorcerers and any who take up the fight against Dragons. Wizard followers of Aeril are unheard of as the Church regularly detains and executes practitioners of arcane magic not descended from the Saints directly.

The Church of Aeril is the most powerful and wealthy of any church having the support of many noble houses, the most influential in Chuch politics and has the most active Clerics of any Saint. After the First Dragonwar and at the dawn of the Age of Humanoids it was Aeril who proposed that the offspring of the Saints have the divine right to rule, and his church violently enforces this edict. In turn the Church of Aeril is granted widespread support from ruling monarchs and uses this influence to maintain control of the wider Church of Ishtar.

The Church of Aeril is aligned with the Church of Gars (war and battle) who widely support the aggressive stance Aeril takes against the Draconic threat. The Church of Aeril is in a state of cold war with the Church of Moulin (arcane magic and wizardry) whom Aeril accuses of practicing Draconic arts. The Church of Aeril uses its influence in the Church of Ishtar to isolate the Church of Moulin and uses its influence with monarchs and nobles to ensure the Church of Moulin is considered an organization non-grata. The Church of Aeril has a sect which trains divine warriors to track and kill wizards, and it is rumored also the clergy of Moulin. This long term conflict with the Church of Moulin has not only decimated the Moulin, but fractured the Church of Ishtar and depleted the Church and Dragonknighs of much needed Arcane magic.


Alignment: LE
Worshipers Alignments: LG, LN, LE, NE (and will accept human worshipers with the NG, TN, CE alignments as well)
Portfolio: Vigilance, Retribution, Nobility, Oaths, Contracts
Domains: Fire, Glory, Nobility, Strength, War
Aeril grants his lawful evil worshipers access to the Evil and Law domains.
Weapon: Greatsword
Race: Human

Recent Activity

The Churches of Aeril and Gars have mostly pulled out of western Isildia, but have quickly growing influence in Scalar and some of the southern kingdoms. There is ample and open hostility along the Melkor/ Moulin and Aeril/Gars coalitions. The other sects are often forced to mediate disputes, but it seems even those faiths are being forced to align one way or another.

Both groups have had immeasurable success proselytizing in the blightlands, where alignment with Royal Pines runs about as hot as alignment against dragons as a whole. Meanwhile, the tension between the two has caused them less success in the Birthright Frontier and River Kingdoms.

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