Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignments: Non-Evil
Portfolio: Sailors, Exploration, Navigation, Merchant Ships
Domains: Luck, Travel, Protection, Water, Weather
Weapon: Rapier
Race: Gnome

Recent Activity

The Churches of Aeril and Gars have mostly pulled out of western Isildia, but have quickly growing influence in Scalar and some of the southern kingdoms. There is ample and open hostility along the Melkor/ Moulin and Aeril/Gars coalitions. The other sects are often forced to mediate disputes, but it seems even those faiths are being forced to align one way or another.

Both groups have had immeasurable success proselytizing in the blightlands, where alignment with Royal Pines runs about as hot as alignment against dragons as a whole. Meanwhile, the tension between the two has caused them less success in the Birthright Frontier and River Kingdoms.

Aeril Cyex Gars Issrisy Joraqui Kitosa
Lomir Melkor Moulin Sardos Shoennsham Teneber Yhoram
Religious Institutions
Dragonknights Church of Ishtar
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