Royal Pines

Royal Pines


Technically the city of Royal Pines is an autonomous region from the Duchy of Royal Pines, but the young and ambitious Duke of Royal Pines choses to govern both. The city itself is split into quarters, with the Dwarves of The Western Cooperative controlling the western quarter of the city, as well as running the day-to-day operations of the sprawling mines that lie beneath the city on the western side of the Great Western River. The City of Royal Pines is a cosmopolitan city, perhaps the only city that you are likely to run into a hobgoblin or orc amongst the menagerie of Ishtrarian races. Royal Pines is the only city in Isildia in which agents of Aeril and Gars are out numbered and out gunned, tavern tales include humorous stories of Order of the Rose Inquisitors being chased out of town by small mobs of wizards, hurling lightning bolts and curses as the Inquisitors as they rode out of town. For this reason Royal Pines is carefully monitored by the Church of Ishtar.

One-shot description

In that time, under the direction of a few local heroes with limitless funding and access to a Lyre of Building, Royal Pines has developed into perhaps the largest (and certainly the most cosmopolitan) city east of the Dragonwall. It has flourished economically thanks to a network of portals established by the Arcane Academy of Bowery (having changed its name recently from the more simple “Arcane College” now that E.G. Bowery has officially retired from public life), linking various satellite school towers around the continent. Thanks in part to this widespread geographic reach, Royal Pines has also become the continental hotbed of racial diplomacy.

Of course, the portals and historic links to racial populations (the seafaring gnomes, the regional dwarven kingdom, the resettled hobgoblins, the halfling ancestors of Burger Burger, a particularly deep alliance with the Kingdom of Emudy, and all the more esoteric races streaming in from the Blightlands over the Dragonwall and from the areas surrounding the City of Magic) have caused some political strife with the remainder of Isildia, and its capital Scalar in particular. However, such problems do not currently touch lowly local entrepreneurs such as yourselves.

In such a wealthy and well-trafficked city, it’s possible to find anything. Or, rather, an entire industry has sprung up ensuring that anything is available for sale or acquisition. Particularly due to the material demands of the primary Arcane Academy campus, the art of professional Provisions has become lucrative business in Royal Pines. Groups of arcanists, sellswords, diplomats, scouts, burglars, investigators, acolytes, entertainers, and assassins (and other types) often band together in coalition groups, hiring themselves out to the Academy itself or individual wizards or other interested buyers seeking particularly rare or esoteric spell component materials. Much of this business is done above-board and is somewhat regulated by the city and the Academy itself.

However, a market exists for items that aren’t quite so above-board, for materials that cannot be mentioned within earshot of Academy representatives or in the company of law-abiding citizens, or are extremely hazardous to acquire. It is within this black market that your crew, a novice but effective coterie of misfits, has been made aware of a special order. To your knowledge, exclusivity to the assignment is temporary, and the inevitable competition that will be trailing behind you can be rather cutthroat.

The Champions of Royal Pines are still known to be active in the world, though their deeds are already legendary.

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Royal Pines

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